Utility Bill Review Program

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The Michigan Chamber can connect our members with a program to help you manage and significantly reduce your utility and telecommunication costs. Through analyzing your current utility bill applying the rules, regulations and tariffs of your utility providers to find savings and refunds. If their audit does not uncover the opportunity for savings, refunds or credits you owe them nothing.


Tenurgy’s review was completed within a few weeks with minimal time or assistance required. The final report (including a follow up online conference) identified a savings opportunity going forward by consolidating gas accounts.  An analysis of the District’s electric supply (DTE) determined that the District was receiving an exceptional rate under the MISEC program and the no additional savings could be realized under the current rate plan.

Although the savings from consolidating a couple of service accounts with Consumers appear minimal, the District will be using Tenurgy in the future for an analysis of its water and sewer billing.  My experience with Tenurgy has been both positive and informative.

Jon Barth

Director of Facilities Management and Transportation, Farmington Public Schools