Care By Design Health and Wellness Market, Inc. in Farmington and Kinross Township, Michigan, your local CBD store, is thrilled to announce their new Lifeline Blends Hemp Oil Tinctures!

As your local licensed Michigan CBD and hemp farmers, we have manufactured our Lifeline Blends Hemp Oil Tinctures to impact the health and wellness of our customers! We see that our world is filled with many ailments. Our desire as a company is to help assist you with
daily struggles. The major issues we see are anxiety, stress, sleep, focus, and wellness. We created the Lifeline Blends in order to help assist with these issues so you can focus on being the best you that you can be.

The primary active ingredient CBD is enhanced by secondary compounds (minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and the hemp seed carrier oil).

The synergistic combination of the cannabinoids, hemp seed oil, and terpenes (which are the essential oils in all plant life that have their own medicinal benefits) amplify the effects more than if they were alone. We have achieved this based on the concentration and type of cannabinoids and terpenoids used.

All our Lifeline blends can help with everyday issues, such as immunosuppression, cerebral blood flow, enhance cortical activity, kill respiratory pathogens, as well as providing strong antiinflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

To learn more about Care By Design Health and Wellness Market, Inc., visit, call 248.907.0400 (Farmington),
906.205.4455 (Kinross Township), or email