A message from the Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michigan

Friends and supporters,

I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy. These are truly unusual times, and, amidst the significant uncertainty and stress, we all have heightened concerns surrounding the well-being of others.

I’m writing to share that Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michigan (CLF) is actively responding to the rapid changes each day, identifying new and different ways to keep our patients and families supported through this crisis and beyond.

Those we serve are some of the most vulnerable populations in our community, facing stressors that extend well beyond the immediate health concerns. Not only are patients dealing with blood cancer and its many hardships, they’re anxious and fearful about their higher risk for serious illness from COVID-19. What’s more, their outlets for coping, including visits with hospital social workers, family, neighbors and friends, are being limited or cut off entirely. Financial threats are more intense for this population, who are already experiencing the toxic financial effects of long term, expensive treatment and disease-related job loss. Further job loss through the effects of the virus will create additional difficulties.

Now, more than ever, our commitment to supporting blood cancer patients and families is critical, and we welcome your financial contributions to help us meet their urgent needs.

CLF Patient Services Coordinators are expanding options for personal connection during this time, now offering deepened one-on-one support, including through live video. We’re also hosting our monthly Blood Cancer Support Group virtually and will be looking for opportunities to expand this should the need arise. And, we’re looking at opportunities for families to virtually connect in the absence of our social events. Most importantly, we are making plans to expand emergency financial assistance as things get tighter for families without — or with further reduced — income.

We anticipate COVID-19 will continue to impact those with blood cancer in unimaginable ways. Your donation today will allow us to support the increasing number of patients and families who depend on our services to meet their emotional, social and financial needs on a personal level. 

A gift of $500 will provide emergency financial support to two families during the month, allowing them to meet critical needs within their household. A gift of $100 will support monthly medication co-pays for patients whose financial means have been reduced. A gift of $25 will support one hour of a Master’s Degree Social Worker to talk directly to patients, caregivers or family members who are experiencing anxiety during this time.

Whatever your gift, you will be helping one of the most vulnerable populations successfully navigate this crisis.  

Thank you, wholeheartedly, for your concern and your help. Together, we will ensure that blood cancer patients have the support they need to keep their heads up and their families sustained through this trying time.

With gratitude,

Heidi Grix
President & CEO
Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michigan

Additionally, below is an article from the Oakland Press (released March 25, 2020) that features CLF and their increased need for support. The article can be found here:


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